Pumpkin seed bread

Have just had a slice of this very good Pumpkin seed bread from Leith’s and it feels like someone’s given me a dose of serotonin! This is truly a happy food:



No time for sourdough this weekend so I remembered the rather neglected Leith’s Baking Bible. As luck would have it, I opened the book on Pumpkin seed bread and thought I shouldn’t look any further. Am so out of practice with using yeast in bread making, I was expecting this to take hours but despite getting up and starting pretty late, it was done by noon. Very easy to make, it has butternut squash puree and honey along with the seeds to give it this gorgeous colour and happiness-inducing taste.

There was a mishap though and the loaf ended up looking a bit misshapen – I left it on the peel to prove and didn’t coat the peel with enough flour so obviously, the loaf stuck and then flipped over on the hot stone (oh yes, I now have a hot stone!!) so my slashes ended up on the bottom. This is the whole misshapen loaf:



Not that I care about the shape when it tastes so good.


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