White peach ice cream



This is the third time I’ve made fresh fruit ice cream in a month. We’ve had strawberry, then gooseberry and now white peach. The recipe I’ve been using, from Nigella Lawson is available here and it produces the creamiest and most delicious ice cream. Could have it on drip feed, it’s that fabulous. As I only have a small freezer and the basic Magimix ice cream maker, the full recipe requires churning in 2 batches – I did this with strawberry ice cream and managed to find use for all leftover egg whites. No mean feat, the recipe uses 10 egg yolks! I’ve since made a smaller quantities: 300g fruit, 300ml milk, 300ml double cream, 120g sugar, vanilla pod and 5 large or 6 medium egg yolks (hence so much meringue & macaroons on the blog recently, I’ve had tons of egg whites to use up!). Didn’t need lemon for gooseberry or white peach ice creams. This is a perfect quantity for the basic Magimix. I’ve also used Jersey milk and this really makes all the difference – made the gooseberry ice cream with normal, full fat milk and it was fine but nowhere near as creamy.

White peaches are among my favourite fruit, our marvellous greengrocer has them within a day or two of perfect ripeness too so I think I shall make some more of this ice cream next week. Might also experiment with fruit and nuts.

Strawberry meringue roulade



Beloved’s birthday treat, Strawberry meringue roulade topped with raspberries. We weren’t meant to have it for breakfast but I’ve also just found out I’ve passed a course for my OU ‘degree on the side’ with a staggeringly good last essay mark, so why not! Celebrating, celebrating and grinning.

The roulade is such a perfect treat for this sort of weather – mix of yoghurt and double cream balances out the sweetness of the meringue, which has just the right crackle to softness ratio. So good, recipe came from Hugh FW’s Three good things but I really could have done it without the recipe as I made a small one, didn’t measure some of the ingredients and reduced the amount of sugar too. As I’ve also been making so much ice cream recently, this roulade is also quite handy as it uses up the leftover egg whites – I’ve become so proficient in meringue over the past few weeks, I could easily do it in sleep. I am going to make a lot more of this I feel (until the hot weather lasts). Next time, I’ll try to measure everything first so I can post an actual recipe!


Strawberry tart



Perfect summer afternoon treat, Strawberry tart from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet. Sweet short pastry, a creamy ‘custard’ made with milk, egg white, cornflour, bit of sugar and vanilla and then lightened with creme fraiche, all topped with fresh strawberries. Very light and moreish. The pastry came out very short and crisp, not too sweet and I’ve used half fat milk and creme fraiche so am telling self this is actually moderately ‘healthy’. Have only finished it an hour ago and have already had two slices. Impressed.

Espresso and dark chocolate ice cream



It took some maneuvering to get the ice cream maker bowl to fit into the freezer (small and recently loaded up with ‘stuff’) but fit it in I did because I really fancied some home made ice cream this weekend. I don’t think I froze the bowl for long enough beforehand though because it was taking ages yesterday afternoon, the ice cream was not really chilling¬†and, as we were watching The Master¬†at the same time I was getting pretty frustrated that nothing was happening. Nothing in the kitchen and nothing on the screen. I gave up on the machine and just froze the ice cream hoping for the best and soon after I gave up on the film too and nodded off. When I woke up the film was still on and Beloved informed me that I’d missed very little. What a pointless waste of time (Joaquin Phoenix very good though).

The ice cream, though was well worth the effort, with a very intense and mildly bitter coffee flavour enhanced by good dark chocolate. This is a real treat for lovers of good coffee. Recipe came from Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries II although I reduced the amount of sugar by a third – think Nigel has a very sweet tooth although Beloved did say he would have liked a bit more sugar. For me, this was perfect but I would consider perhaps using a mix of dark and white or milk chocolate in future. Or perhaps not, it really is very good just as it is. Like a chocolatey affogato. Very good aftertaste too.

Marmalade and chocolate ice cream

A lot of my childhood memories are about food, the sensation of eating new things or of particularly enjoying something, like the glorious moment of having Italian stracciatella ice cream for the first time. It’s a simple vanilla ice cream with shaved/chopped chocolate (not chocolate chip) and the sensation came back to me when I made this ice Marmalade and chocolate ice cream last week.

IMG_0509Total reversion back to childhood! At the same time, I haven’t used the ice cream maker in a really long time and I enjoyed making this immensely. Recipe came from Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries II. I only did it because I really wanted to make marmalade but thought I should use up old stuff first. I didn’t expect to revert to childhood, wasn’t even sure that I’d like the taste of this. Well, it’s fantastic. Nigel’s recipe uses single cream for custard, which is then cooled before adding marmalade and churning. Chopped/ shaved dark chocolate goes in just before the ice cream sets so that you get even distribution. This is quite creamy, luxurious and soft and freezes well.

I’d long wanted to replace my old cheap ice cream maker under excuses that it’s a chore having to freeze the bowl first, that the motor sometimes can’t be stopped and so on (excuses can go on forever) but have now realised that none of this matters. It works and can produce such wonderful treats as the Marmalade and chocolate ice cream. Am now thinking that I could easily use up my large stock of white chocolate (which I don’t even particularly like but overstocked on for a recipe) and combine with dried sour cherries or cranberries for a similar result. Ice cream really is such a fabulous thing and there’ll certainly be lots more of it home made from now on.