Espresso and dark chocolate ice cream



It took some maneuvering to get the ice cream maker bowl to fit into the freezer (small and recently loaded up with ‘stuff’) but fit it in I did because I really fancied some home made ice cream this weekend. I don’t think I froze the bowl for long enough beforehand though because it was taking ages yesterday afternoon, the ice cream was not really chilling¬†and, as we were watching The Master¬†at the same time I was getting pretty frustrated that nothing was happening. Nothing in the kitchen and nothing on the screen. I gave up on the machine and just froze the ice cream hoping for the best and soon after I gave up on the film too and nodded off. When I woke up the film was still on and Beloved informed me that I’d missed very little. What a pointless waste of time (Joaquin Phoenix very good though).

The ice cream, though was well worth the effort, with a very intense and mildly bitter coffee flavour enhanced by good dark chocolate. This is a real treat for lovers of good coffee. Recipe came from Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries II although I reduced the amount of sugar by a third – think Nigel has a very sweet tooth although Beloved did say he would have liked a bit more sugar. For me, this was perfect but I would consider perhaps using a mix of dark and white or milk chocolate in future. Or perhaps not, it really is very good just as it is. Like a chocolatey affogato. Very good aftertaste too.

Instant cheer-or-pick-me-up

Just came back from a mildly hellish trip to IKEA, badly timed on a busy Sunday afternoon. IKEA itself wasn’t too bad but journey there and back was just ridiculous. Purpose of going was to get a big picture frame as I really wanted to have some printed photographs framed, what with all the instant photo galleries on phones, macs and iPads and blogging, I miss seeing actual printed photos. And I obviously picked up one or two other things, including these cute glasses,

20120916-154919.jpg These hold just the perfect coffee to milk ratio for an afternoon pick me up and will be good for wine, manzanilla, port (although perhaps a bit girly for port?) and possibly even negronis. That reminds me to get some Campari…