Oatmeal soda bread

Taking a break from study to post this wonderful thing:

Dan Lepard’s Oatmeal soda bread. Recipe is in Short and Sweet as well as a baking supplement from Guardian published in 2007 (and found in my recipe box the other day). I didn’t have the right oats (‘pinhead’) so used rolled, also used a mix of spelt (150g) and wholemeal (175g) flours and replaced dark brown sugar with muscovado sugar (around a tablespoon so, a little less than given in recipe). Finished bread was a rich warm brown:

Upon having it for late breakfast with bacon and scrambled eggs, beloved said it was the most amazing bread he’s ever eaten.

Back to study now

Ricotta pancakes with blueberries and lemon

What a marvellous late breakfast, light and fluffy ricotta pancakes with blueberries and lemon on top.

Have eaten 6 now and having a pause. Might have more in a bit. Definitely making these again. Found recipe in box full of old magazine recipes I’ve kept over the years, came from a 2001 Sainsbury’s mag.


Don’t have a good close up pic, took pics as I was making them, which wasn’t really the best idea but never mind that now.