Cranes and blue sky

There is definitely something about cranes and building sites set against a clear blue sky, this was taken late morning near work,


Have put a tiny little filter on it but otherwise not messed with. Love a good building site, not so much finished new buildings most of the time. Need to take more photos when out and about, pity that all recent ‘out and about’ has been very rushed as work’s very busy so I don’t even notice much around me. Glad I did today. Also glad for having been able to get out of the office for a good little lunch at St. John (bar), crab on toast, salad with dried pig’s liver and a rather large slice of chocolate cake. Lovely

It was a lovely morning

Oh dear, not doing very well… too much work and study on top is kind of catching up with me. Not only have I not posted for a week but I have a cold too. Keep taking paracetamol, drinking hot water, honey, lemon and ginger and eating lots of chicken soup. Not feeling too bad today so not sure if all this stuff is helping and I’m keeping it at bay or is it possibly just ‘germinating’ and I’ll wake up tomorrow morning totally blocked up and feeling dreadful. Anyway, I am sure this cold is partly due to total weather turn about in the past week, was so lovely and now it’s practically winter coat time. Mornings – usually nice and sunny with lovely clouds but freezing. Took these the other morning and I love how my trusted lomo and pixlromatic filters have almost made  them look like night:

Too hot but really quite beautiful

Too hot to sleep properly last night so I woke up at dawn and was rewarded with a glorious sunrise:

And got overexcited as I usually do when presented with such a marvellous view.

I particularly like the contrast and the softness of this picture

And the exaggerated colours on this one

And this little lomo/instagram combo.

I also have a Turner-esque one and a few more good lomos saved to post once summer’s really ended. We’ve only got a couple of days of it left.

Right, back to study, Hundred Years War and Treaty of Troyes today

Day 78

Nice colours here, no? Terrace – which is now no longer ‘neighbours” as they have gone, gone, gone to make messes elsewhere, was looking rather wet and dull this morning when photo was taken. Thanks to the miracle that is lomo, at least photo is not dull. So I lomoed some more (and then applied some other filters via instagram & co) 


As neighbours have gone, terrace is now more of a graveyard of unwanted things, chairs and mugs, bedlinen and the poor green sock…

And on the other side, in the ‘corners of doom’:

It is very doomy and gloomy indeed…



In the works – getting there

So the late fifties fitted dress is coming along nicely. Top part is done:

Pinned to the dummy as fitted midrif too fitted to go over dummy (no collapsable shoulders, dummy a bit old). Was a bit worried that it wouldn’t go over me either as forgot to buy a longer side zip but have tried on and looks fine so far.  Working on the skirt part now, finish this weekend is looking doubtful, never mind, the weather is still too warm to wear anyway.

While searching for best light in flat this morning to take photo, this nice little accident happened, love the colours:

Yves Klein blue?

I’ve never taken pictures at night with iphone – well it doesn’t have a flash so no point. Last night’s sky was rather nice so I thought I’d try. Didn’t get much definition – there were some great clouds which didn’t show at all but I am still pleased with the result.

It’s similar to Yves Klein blue and I suppose there is an inkling that there may have been clouds

One with the moon. I did play with the images a little – used some blue pixl-r-omatic filters and increased saturation/ exposure in free photoshop app.

Another one with the moon. Guess you can’t expect to achieve much with a very basic iphone camera without a flash but I rather like the simplicity and also love blue + black colour combination.

Am going to look into some more free photo apps this weekend, just downloaded a few and one might even work in the night sky. Hope there’ll be a good sky this eve