Day 114

There has been no terrace watch for over 2 weeks! That’s a very long time indeed but now that new people are living in the flat with the terrace, terrace watch is not as interesting. See:

It was much more interesting with the old neighbours when there were half eaten melons, dirty old jeans and bedlinen… Can’t believe I am missing the old mess! But I do like the tinge of autumn (imaginary really as the only ‘tinge’ is a ‘tint’ and some fallen leaves) in the picture. I’ve a couple more:

A nice little tilt-shifted instagram close up of the table.

And a slightly melancholy pic with blurred edges. Must say, I did feel a bit excited when I opened the window to have a look earlier, I mean it had been over two weeks in which time all sorts of things could have happened with the old terrace but I needn’t have bothered. Oh well. Perhaps we’ll have mountains of snow soon or something and then I can go snap-happy again.

Day 97, still watching

There’s a new cat on the terrace! I spotted it sitting on a chair this moring, can’t see in pictures. Beloved says there are two. Beloved is allergic to cats. Not that it matters as I doubt there’ll be much contact with these

Otherwise, no change. Have not seen new neighbours yet so continuing the watch. For now.

I rather like this picture – actually you can, just about see that there is a cat on one of the red chairs. Anyway, I like this picture because of its unnatural colour.

Pictures taken this morning, after a few days of watch break.

Day 90 – what could this mean?

Must say, this occasional terrace watch surprises every time!

The flat below, formerly with messy neighbours, is now being redecorated and near completion – judging by the amount of rubbish left outside our front door. It seems that the builders would like to present potential new flat tennants with several exciting new options for their marvelous terrace, consider the below:

Not one, not two but three!! new ‘table arrangements’! If you asked me, I would go for Toy Story arrangement every single time!

Let’s see that again:

And, once more with tilt shift:

Just look at that little alien waving up at me, simply marvellous! Can’t wait to see what happens next

Day 85 and we’re back on!

This week has been a bit busy, my fuzzy logic not coping all that well with stresses of work and new course starting so, this morning I decided to pause all that is busy/stressful and take a look at the terrace. After all, the smell of particularly strong/cheap/potentially harmful paint has been very, very strong all week – this means that old neighbours flat is clearly being redecorated. As I type, I hear drilling, drilling, drilling. So I took some photographs just now:

This is a tonic for a weary soul indeed! What a marvellous lomo effect (+tilt shift + pixlromatic) and how it can immediately cheer you up! Of course, there is also addition of a toilet that just ties the whole thing together beautifully.

Terrace has a life of its own, which is a lovely thing really. I was thinking all this week how it’s going to be hard to keep taking photographs and blogging as its all busy/stress/busy over the next few months but I must find time as I very much enjoy it and, besides, life’s totally too short to wait for the weekend…

Here are a couple of synthcam/instagrams too:

Day 80 and that was that

… oh…

Well, it couldn’t last forever. I was away yesterday and came back this morning to smell of paint in hallway. I had a feeling terrace would no longer be the same. About time someone cleared it up but now, annoyingly, I will never find out if there was a micro ecosystem under the bedlinen.

I like it how the bedlinen left its mark on the floor by the table and the impressions on the table where the plates, mugs and various barbecue paraphernalia used to be. Should have put a frame on that picture, didn’t realise some of these new instagram filters don’t have frames.

So, end of an era in terrace watch – however, you never know what kind of weird and wonderful new neighbours we’re going to get. Seeing as the flat is being redecorated, am sure someone’ll move in soon. I’ll be watching, occasionally.


Day 79, wait-and-see

I’m expectant, my life right now is one big wait-and-see; wait-and-see what happens with the deserted terrace, wait-and-see what sort of new neighbours we’re going to get and when, wait-and-see ¬†about tutorials for a new course I’m about to start, numerous wait-and-sees to do with work and not forgetting the wait-and-see about those neutrinos at CERN and whether they really do travel faster than the speed of light.

So, this morning, when I took photos of the terrace, I decided to use as many apps as possible – and I have built up quite a collection over the past couple of months. After all, terrace’s days may be numbered for all I know so I’ve got to make the most of it while there is still time.

Good swirly effect from Synthcam – intentional this time (have been practicing).

In my excitement over neighbours moving out and ensuing drama (this blog doesn’t cover ‘front-of-house’ where we have graciously been left piles of rubbish, unwanted clothes and so on), I’d totally forgotten to pay closer attention to terrace. I thought neighbours forgot that there was a terrace when they moved but some things are missing – the towel that was ‘drying’ over top red chair, for example and also looks like something was taken from top right of table…

It’s baffling – I had to look through archive terrace photos to check what went and it was an old pint glass + the towel. I take it neighbours won’t need a bread knife, mugs or plates where they are going…

Day 78

Nice colours here, no? Terrace – which is now no longer ‘neighbours” as they have gone, gone, gone to make messes elsewhere, was looking rather wet and dull this morning when photo was taken. Thanks to the miracle that is lomo, at least photo is not dull. So I lomoed some more (and then applied some other filters via instagram & co)¬†


As neighbours have gone, terrace is now more of a graveyard of unwanted things, chairs and mugs, bedlinen and the poor green sock…

And on the other side, in the ‘corners of doom’:

It is very doomy and gloomy indeed…