Alphonso mango

On my way back home from work earlier, I stopped by the greengrocer to pick up some veg for dinner and spotted Alphonso mangoes. I’m not even a great fan of mango but Alphonso ones are only around for a short season, in April and even then not widely available so I got rather excited and picked one up along with a punnet of strawberries to have after dinner. When I cut into it, it released a most intense fragrance, it was rather wonderful and perfectly ripe. Think they call the Alphonso the king of mangoes, makes total sense.


As I was walking home from the greengrocer I was thinking about Lata’s mothers’s fondness for mangoes in A Suitable Boy and how it would be marvellous to read the books again – every time someone tells me they are reading A Suitable Boy, I suffer withdrawal symptoms… Anyway, think Vikram Seth had announced a sequel for this year and just the thought of that fills me with joy. And so does the fact that I live within a walking distance of the most fantastic greengrocer!


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