On a roll



Love, love, love Daunt Books! This photo was a complete accident, I went to Daunt bookshop in Marylebone yesterday for genuine work research purposes (not to buy books for self) and a colleague asked me to check out books that might make a good birthday present for a two year old. I was happily snapping some titles to show her and my phone decided to take this rather lovely photo of the children’s section by itself.

My work research completed (was not very interesting but was productive), I also picked out a couple of fab books for another nearly-two-year-old and took stock of books I’ve read recently. It’s now been 4 weeks since I finished my latest course and in that time I’ve managed to read 6 books! This time last year, I’d just had an exam and looked forward to a summer packed with reading books but I only managed a few, I guess the books I read were mainly non fiction which generally takes me longer to read. So, as a little pat on the back for making such a good and sustained effort to reduce books’ ‘pile of shame’, I rewarded self with The Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane, which is now finally out in paperback, yay! Really looking forward to reading this, have booked a little walking trip to Yorkshire moors next month and think it could be a very good companion. I also got a rather cute book for Beloved – Our Songbirds, which was a nice little surprise present. This is why I love Daunt, every time I walk in, I feel inspired, they display books I want to read and books I didn’t know I really want to read and I could easily spend serious amounts of time and money every time I go in. Think I was very good at self control yesterday, walking out with just the ‘necessaries’.

Kew, and the weather was pretty decent

I wander if anyone in the UK is not ranting about the weather and the fact that there hasn’t been much summer. On Sunday, the weather was actually pretty decent, good thing as we were in Kew Gardens. Lots of marvellous picture opportunities in Alpine/ rock gardens and a chance to try out some new pixlromatic filters and effects. Not that these filters or effects are new but I actually paid for them when I normally only use free apps for photography, mainly instagram. 

These photos would make lovely print patterns: 

Pink highlights:

And a couple more I liked:

Balancing it out

What possessed me? I don’t know.

I came across Michel Foucault in one of my course books, remembered I had The Order of Things which I still haven’t read so I thought I’d give it a go. I am not very far into it for reasons that shall become clear shortly and so far, it has been a lot of things at the same time: poetic with some absolutely beautiful sentences and phrases; inspirational as it makes me think outside familiar and comfort zone; educational, I guess this almost goes without saying; extremely frustrating as it starts off with a very detailed consideration of Las Meninas by Velasquez which the publishers did not see fit to include and just a little pretentious maybe – not sure if that’s the translator or the author. Here is what I mean by ‘pretension’:

– propinquity, exegesis, agglutinate, adumbrate, concatenation, sagittal, volute


– proximity, explanation, glue, shade, link, arrow-like, spiral/ twist

I don’t mind looking up words I don’t know but some of these are quite unnecessary. There are lots more and on one hand, I am happy to look things up if I feel I am learning something or, if a word sounds particularly good – like ‘pernicious’ for example, but on the other, is it a requirement of being an intellectual to use words that a great number of people don’t know the meaning of?

So, I thought I’d balance reading of The Order of Things with this:

This is very bad – I have never read complete Brothers Grimm before!! It is quite good reading in bed and again, not very far into it yet. What can I say about it so far – it is not as light as you’d think and some of these are not really children’s stories, some are a bit ambiguous and the morals are not as clear as you’d expect. So far, I don’t think the stories have started entering my dreams but I hope they will. This book is a lot more intriguing and unexpected than I thought it would be.

So, what possessed me? I thought it would be a nice contrast between hard = Foucault and easy = Brothers Grimm but it is not so clear cut as that. I love it already (with hundreds of pages to go)!

How much fun can you have with salad

Last night’s dinner: hot smoked salmon, tender steam broccoli, tomatoes, shallots with some good olive oil, lemon and salt. Would purists scream at broccoli being cut up? Probably. Did not fancy using a knife hence chopped. Could have added some capers too, I forgot but don’t think that would have contributed in any way to vibrancy of this photo. Love it!

It was a double pixl’r’omatic – or rather saved picture with one filter then applied another on top. Don’t know why I never thought of that before! You can have a lot of fun with that I think and intend to try. Certainly intend to try. I mean, if you can have this much fun with a simple salad, imagine the possibilities…

Industrial North (Circular)

So I went to see a friend living just outside London on Sunday. Another friend gave me a lift and I thougt this would be a good opportunity to take pics on route. That didn’t really work out as we were chatting and looking at where we were going so I was looking at maps and directions and not out the window. Managed only a few:

This is to remind me that I rather like building sites – interesting scaffolding lines and so on. Would quite like to take more photos of building sites.

Love going under railway bridges. So industrial.

These footbridges I seriously dislike, so ugly. They always take so much space with their ugliness.

Loved this, the name, the colour, the amount of satelite dishes and the windows with their awnings. Fab little composition – think this was Seven Sisters Road or thereabouts.

How much fun can you have on a bus part 2

So, I am asking myself whether this is going to become an addiction? Maybe for a little while, bus journey can be full of surprises like this:

I love it, so blurred, it’s barely there and still instantly recognisable. At least I think it was a phone box…

Think I was attempting to take something out of my bag on the floor and accidentally took a photo, have no idea what’s going on there.

Who knew that a Tesco could actually look quite interesting!

And, to finish, I have a lot of love for local fruit and veg shop. Usually big van with more fruit and veg parked outside but tonight I had a clear view.