In search of elderflower…

… and of my last post on Banana bran muffins which for some reason didn’t appear in the reader. Anyway, set off East earlier, to Wanstead Flats in search of elderflower. Took a while to get there but it was rather lovely and quiet when we did.

Tall grasses and wild flowers everywhere.

A funny sort of bush with ‘beans’ and finally, elderflower:

This particular one we didn’t pick as it was too near a road and not quite flowering yet. Found lots more elsewhere, then had some of these on the train back:

Jubilee breakfast

Late breakfast but delicious nonetheless. Bridge rolls I made yesterday to have with egg mayo and watercress. Yay! Jubilee telly is on, custard for trifle is cooling, bring the pageant on!

Could eat these for breakfast every day.

Shame the weather is so bad today and that all those people lining the streets + all the rowers in boats will get soaked. Our neighbours have departed for Jubilee street party on Church Street and we might do the same later although beloved not that bothered about going outside. First must finish trifle + do some revision.

One more pic of breakfast rolls:

Sticky lemon and poppy seed cake

This afternoon’s baking, Sticky lemon and poppy seed cake. Recipe is Dan Lepard and although it tastes great, it’s moist with a lovely flavour but, it doesn’t quite come close to ‘the ideal’ of all lemon and poppy seed cakes which I had around a year ago at The Greenhouse in Mayfair. That one probably had a whole pack of butter. Anyway, ideal or not, think it’s pretty much my favourite afternoon type cake.

Cinnamon and hazelnut meringue

Beloved’s family visiting so a bit of a busy weekend with lots of cooking and baking. So what did I do yesterday afternoon on top of getting everything ready – I made meringues! I don’t even particularly like them (too sweet) but baking obsession is strong…

Had two egg whites left over after making baked custards so meringues sort of seemed the obvious thing to do and I used the Ottolenghi recipe where mixer did all the work. Yottam and co are totally right, you couldn’t get that sort of silky glossiness with a handheld electric whisk. These are cinnamon and hazelnut and obviously not as big as the ones in Ottolenghi windows because I only had two egg whites but they still look fab:

Now we can have Eaton mess tomorrow instead of just strawberries and cream.

Right, back to the kitchen.

Butterscotch banana cake

A lovely moist afternoon cake, quite similar to carrot cake. Light too considering it has 3 bananas in it.  Recipe again, from Short and Sweet by Dan Lepard and I added 3 handfuls of walnuts to recipe. Dan also suggests this could work as a cupcake.

Made it late yesterday afternoon so it was already quite dark by the time we tried it. Pic not very exciting but the cake is very much exciting.