In search of elderflower…

… and of my last post on Banana bran muffins which for some reason didn’t appear in the reader. Anyway, set off East earlier, to Wanstead Flats in search of elderflower. Took a while to get there but it was rather lovely and quiet when we did.

Tall grasses and wild flowers everywhere.

A funny sort of bush with ‘beans’ and finally, elderflower:

This particular one we didn’t pick as it was too near a road and not quite flowering yet. Found lots more elsewhere, then had some of these on the train back:

Orchid watch 4.5

More than a month of orchid watch and still no flowering from either the Old Columbia Road or the Baby IKEA orchids. Trying to contain myself and remain patient. Taking pictures as I go:

Old Columbia Road this morning, looking good.

I rather liked the light/dark contrast here and red-ish tint to both photos.

The Baby IKEA orchid inspires different feeling as it’s in a white setting, I kinda like taking pictures with blurred, overemphasised colours. The stem’s certainly grown since last week.

Better visible here. More pics here

Going to be out and about today so hoping to take and post more photos as have been pretty rubbish this week.


All dressed up

An outfit (well most of the outfit) post – had a wedding to go to yesterday, this is what I wore. It’s a dress I made last year, using another vintage ebay pattern. I made a lot of it by hand while watching bad TV. Fabric came from favourite fabric shop in South London – I think they must have only just had that fabric in so I got very lucky. The white of the petals was added on later so you can feel the paint – someone who knows told me that means whoever produced the fabric didn’t do discharge – in any case, they ended up with a simply marvellous printed silk. Can’t believe it’s only the second time I wore this dress too, must give it some more outings.

In other news, am still working on the charcoal wool fitted shift, it’s nearly finished but must go out now before the shops close and get a zip – have loads of zips at home but none are long enough. With a bit of luck, will finish the dress by end of weekend.


I like moss, can’t help it, it’s so lush and lovely and green!

Moss covered stones along a path, OK perhaps this is not quite as ‘lush’

This is! Super soft to touch too

Loved these, very cute

Totally verdant+ as obviously filters applied… hard to decide which pics to post as I’d used instagram, then more lomo and pixlromatic and each adds something. Now I have hundreds of pictures, hundreds…

Final one, now with added clover:

Moss has clearly got me a bit overexcited…