Sunsets and change

Last night’s sunset, seen from my kitchen window. These lovely pinks lasted for a few minutes, long enough for me to take a few pictures. With the new camera. My first digital SLR too. I’ve wanted one for a very long time but since we have a perfectly decent (pretty good actually) digital camera already and I mostly only use iPhone or iPad to take pictures for this blog, I couldn’t justify the expense of a digital SLR. I was thinking I might save up and get one for Christmas and then a fairly extraordinary set of circumstances led to me getting this marvellous Nikon D3200. To say I am excited about it would be a gross understatement!

I am, of course, a complete novice. Have some vague memories of a photography class, long ago where I learned about apertures and shutter speeds with a borrowed SLR camera that I had to give back. I moved courses, unfortunately, too quickly to learn much. So I’ve bought myself a book for the Nikon that I am slowly reading. It’ll take a while and I don’t think I’ll stop posting iPhone and iPad photos here, even though my iPhone can now pretty much be classified as ‘vintage’ (am due an upgrade so will hopefully get a new one soon) and I know people mock those who use iPads as cameras (why? photo quality is pretty good and it’s very convenient for quick editing and uploading). Anyway, in a little while, the Nikon will get its first outing. The weather is meant to be sunny so we’re going to the coast for a long walk, yay!!

The sunset photo above was taken in ‘guide’ mode, which is pretty handy and I’ve resized it to post here. Will definitely be a while before I’m confident enough to do things manually…


By the sea

A lovely day out in Whitstable with friends yesterday, mostly spent in glorious sunshine on the beach. Have been to Whitstable before but not in years and we really picked a good day to go. The weather was marvellous, very hot, simply gorgeous colours everywhere. Lots and lots of people about too but we found fairly quiet spots on the beach and didn’t seem to notice much until it was time to go home and to try and squeeze ourselves onto a train back to London. Tiny train that runs once an hour, you and everyone else who picked one of the rare true summer days to go to the beach, yes, we didn’t really think that one through… Anyway, journey back was long and eventful, let’s just say I wouldn’t wait for the sunset next time, just get the hell out of Dodge.

The sky

Obligatory shot of pebbles, they have left a mark on my behind… Oh well, teach me to take a beach towel next time

Boats and huts

The sunset.

    All photos actually taken with a camera yesterday, I not only remembered to bring the camera but also to use it! This is indeed rare…