Strawberry meringue roulade



Beloved’s birthday treat, Strawberry meringue roulade topped with raspberries. We weren’t meant to have it for breakfast but I’ve also just found out I’ve passed a course for my OU ‘degree on the side’ with a staggeringly good last essay mark, so why not! Celebrating, celebrating and grinning.

The roulade is such a perfect treat for this sort of weather – mix of yoghurt and double cream balances out the sweetness of the meringue, which has just the right crackle to softness ratio. So good, recipe came from Hugh FW’s Three good things but I really could have done it without the recipe as I made a small one, didn’t measure some of the ingredients and reduced the amount of sugar too. As I’ve also been making so much ice cream recently, this roulade is also quite handy as it uses up the leftover egg whites – I’ve become so proficient in meringue over the past few weeks, I could easily do it in sleep. I am going to make a lot more of this I feel (until the hot weather lasts). Next time, I’ll try to measure everything first so I can post an actual recipe!