Flatbreads for a feast

I love broad beans and earmark good broad bean recipes to do when they’re in season. As it takes a while to pod, steam and skin them, they’re pretty much ‘weekend cooking’ only so yesterday afternoon I did a bit of a cookathon of lovely things to eat with Merguez lamb meatballs with broad beans from Hugh FW’s Three Good Things. I made Baba ganoush and Beetroot and walnut hummus from River Cottage Veg book and Flatbreads from River Cottage Bread Handbook. Here are the flatbreads with meatballs in the background:


I made the dough for flatbreads early in the afternoon and then let it rise several times, while lamb was marinating and I got on with the dips. They were delicious and I managed to get 8 out of 500g flour total (250g each plain white and strong white). They puffed up beautifully, was rather proud so posting another photo:


Interestingly, the River Cottage flatbreads are quite different from the Casa Moro ones I did a few months back with minced lamb and pomegranate molasses, which were smaller and a bit thicker – although I think I’m better now at rolling them out thinner. I prefer these but would also like to try Dan Lepard’s recipe from Short and Sweet for comparison. 

Leftover fruit

While I can happily come up with something for dinner using leftovers or odd bits and bobs from fridge/ cupboard, I don’t often come up with fruity ideas. So, this one from Hugh FW’s Three Good Things for Banana, apple, pear came in very handy – peel, half, core 2 of each fruit, bake with a bit of butter and a tablespoon of oil (I used walnut) at 190C for ten minutes, stir, bake for another ten, sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of soft brown sugar and bake for 10 more. We had some with cream:

Delicious. This followed a rather good lunch of acorn squash stuffed with leeks, cheese and cream with a Puy lentil, fennel and rocket salad, very autumnal (apart from fennel perhaps). Both recipes from Hugh FW’s Veg book, I really am working my way through it. Now stuffed and looking forward to going to theatre in a bit to see Eileen Atkins and Michael Gambon. Love her so rather excited about it!

Sourdough and fennel and squash lasagne

Ha, I was going to have a lazy afternoon… Well, that didn’t happen. Had sourdough bread proving so it had to be finished and, as we are off on a long walk tomorrow and I currently happen to be a bit obsessed with Hugh Fearnley Whitingstall’s River Cottage Veg Book, thought I’d make lasagne so I don’t have to worry about cooking when we return. That’s all well and good but it’s been a hot day anyway, so obviously, not the brightest idea to spend hours in the kitchen with the oven on. Sourdough first, a bit wonky today:

20120908-201527.jpgMust have been the heat. It’s my fault really, wasn’t very gentle when transferring to baking sheet. I used 300g white and 200g wholemeal bread flours to 300ml water. Think I’ll freeze this one when completely cool to have in the week.

The squash and fennel lasagne I’ve not made before, have not even tried it yet, as waiting for beloved. Looks good, no:

20120908-202541.jpg Am sure it’ll taste good too, like everything else I’ve made from this book so far. And I have made quite a few things over the summer. Right, beloved’s back, dinner is on!
Very good it was too…