Steamed marmalade sponge pudding



This is just lovely and so perfect for a cold day like today. A Marmalade and syrup sponge pudding from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet. Light, moist, soothing and bitter-sweet, Beloved pronounced it outstanding. Very simple to make, the sponge mix has a tablespoon of golden syrup, a bit of double cream and marmalade, then more marmalade goes into the bottom of a pudding basin. Then it all gets steamed for an hour and a half. It really turned out to be a thing of wander. I’ve been wanting to make it for a while but kept getting sidetracked with new cakes from new books.

Have also made, but not photographed a sort of a rhubarb compote, which we had with orange, yoghurt and flaked almonds. Very good idea from Hugh FW who suggests having it with muesli or granola. Thought it was pretty good on its own.