Finally, elderflower cordial

Just finished and tasted elderflower cordial, it is marvellous:

How to make: for 3l I brought 3l water with 2kg demerara sugar to boiling point, let it cool, added zest and slices from 4 lemons, 75g citric acid and around 60 elderflower heads. Steeped for 24 hours, stirred it every few hours, then strained into bottles.

Spent the afternoon today at Taste of London in Regents Park (for work so at least didn’t have to pay to get in) and the weather was doing all sorts of things from downpours to glorious sunshine.

Having gone quite far to find elderflower for cordial, found that Regents Park is full of it – wander if people pick it there?

Doubt that very much. It’s so wonderfully manicured:

Have also taken pictures of mud at Taste but no pictures of food, think Taste has become a bit too corporate now and hard to see the criteria for choosing exhibitors – certainly not as much artisan food/ small producers as there used to be 5 or 6 years ago. Anyway, I did buy some books (yay!) which I may post at some point later.

As I was leaving, the sunshine was indeed glorious.