Just read (again)

I needed some light relief, a good comfort read at the weekend as have loads of work + study on and on top of that, reading a rather serious (but great) book on Reformation. So, ITV3, bless-their-daytime-weekend-mix-of Marple/ Poirot and occasional Jane Austen was showing Persuasion on Saturday afternoon. Had to watch as I hadn’t seen it before and then immediately though – must read Persuasion again, now. So I did. Total bliss – love any Austen apart from Northhanger Abbey, which try as I might, I could never get into.

A couple of key moments, helpfully illustrated (and then badly photographed on old iphone) in the little Collectors Library edition (super handy size for reading on bus!):

And a couple of not-so-key moments:

Just a shame that Anne Elliot was a bit too timid, otherwise love the book. Can’t quite decide if it’s my favourite Austen – think I’ll have to re-read Mansfield Park.

Am now back on Reformation – it was long and slow, just like me reading it!

Day 93 – think I’m being a bit intrusive

So, back to neighbours’ terrace. It’s certainly changed hands…

My occasional ‘watch’ is going to start feeling like an intrusion soon but, in the meantime, here’s another shot:

I haven’t met the new neighbours, haven’t even seen them – can’t believe that they moved in so quickly. The whole house smelled of paint for most of the week and then I heard voices the other night coming back from work and it definitely wasn’t the builders (none of them speak English).

To continue terrace watch or not… something to ponder over the weekend.


Day 85 and we’re back on!

This week has been a bit busy, my fuzzy logic not coping all that well with stresses of work and new course starting so, this morning I decided to pause all that is busy/stressful and take a look at the terrace. After all, the smell of particularly strong/cheap/potentially harmful paint has been very, very strong all week – this means that old neighbours flat is clearly being redecorated. As I type, I hear drilling, drilling, drilling. So I took some photographs just now:

This is a tonic for a weary soul indeed! What a marvellous lomo effect (+tilt shift + pixlromatic) and how it can immediately cheer you up! Of course, there is also addition of a toilet that just ties the whole thing together beautifully.

Terrace has a life of its own, which is a lovely thing really. I was thinking all this week how it’s going to be hard to keep taking photographs and blogging as its all busy/stress/busy over the next few months but I must find time as I very much enjoy it and, besides, life’s totally too short to wait for the weekend…

Here are a couple of synthcam/instagrams too:

Day 77

So after the shocking news yesterday that neighbours are moving out – and seemed to have pretty much moved out by the time I got back from work, what happened to their terrace? After all, the neighbour’s terrace watch has been the main subject of this blog for – well, 77 days…

Ha! Nothing happened to the terrace! I promise neighbours have left the building and am not using yesterday’s pictures! Let’s have another look:

New photo app – it’s all to do with vintage viewfinders but will have to check name properly later when not in rush. And, let’s take one more look:

Woo hoo! Thanks instagram for a marvellous update.

Anyway, the neighbours have gone, the terrace mess is still there – I am totally confused about what to do… keep the watch? Do something else?

Falling Angels

The fabulous Abney Park cemetery earlier today. Was on way elsewhere so didn’t take any more photos. These two reminded me of Tracy Chevalier’s novel, Falling Angels. Read it years ago but think it’s due another read, I think it’s a better book now in my memory than it was when I read it. It lingers… well it’s lingered for years.

Abney Park shall have a proper, get-overexcited-with-camera visit at some point soon too.





In the works

I’ve built up a nice little collection of vintage dress patterns from ebay, mainly 40s dresses but, this summer I got a few late fifties and early to mid sixties dress patterns too. I get obsessed for about a month at a time, looking daily for anything with an interesting front, good cowl, draping, and so on but also try to control myself and not spend a fortune. This recent addition to my pattern collection:

is not what I usually go for but I liked the very fitted waist and the simple shape. I also loved the fact that it has a cummerbund. I’ve always wanted a cummerbund! Such a brilliant word that.

I’ve started making it in a charcoal wool mix – not sure of the fabric content, it’s definitely wool and has some stretch in it. Bought it last summer for a pair of trousers but never got around to making the pattern for them so when I looked at recent ebay purchases, it seemed right to forget the trousers and use the wool for this dress.

Making just the dress, not the cape, shortening the length a little – not mid calf but it will be below the knee. Also making it by hand. If I work v.v. hard I may finish this weekend but perhaps not – it’s quite hard going sewing dark fabrics by hand. Machine would have done it in a day (I started last Sunday). Undecided on what to make the cummerbund in and also thinking of possibly making the detachable collar – beaded or something. That would make a good transition from day to evening and also not make it look too plain. Think I’ll decide on that once I’ve made it up.

Day 60 – not doing very well with timing…

So I thought that I should do something new and fabulously exciting with terrace watch coming up to two months. I took pictures yesterday (day 60) in the afternoon and then I fell asleep. It wasn’t a very nice day – most of it anyway, the weather was pretty grey or raining for most of the day and the sun only came out while I was sleeping. I took these after the rain

The first is just a regular shot, sharpened a little and with a cool (temperature) filter. The second was a bit more cropped, more lomo then pixlromatic filters. Quite like it:

I particularly like how more lomo adds colours that aren’t there, making the terrace more interesting. Have to say that because nothing has been happening on the terrace, I haven’t had much interest in it over the past few days.  I need something to happen, some sort of intervention. Someone please come and at least move a chair… swap some laundry… cat? Where has the cat been? Haven’t seen it drinking water for weeks and there has been a fresh supply now that it has rained.