Sourdough pizza

It’s been a bit of a busy week, no time to post my first ever attempt at sourdough pizza from last Sunday. Additionally, first ever attempt to make pizza using a peel and a hot stone so was obviously very excited. I used Dan Lepard’s recipe for Sourdough pizza base from Short and Sweet and then topping came from Hugh FW’s Three Good Things book: beans, olives and mozzarella. Here’s a photo of the finished pizza:


Didn’t roll out the dough, just stretched it by hand, the topping was just some chopped garlic fried in olive oil then added tin of cannellini beans and a little water, then pureed it all and spread on top of pizza dough. Topped with black olives and mozzarella.

Sliding pizza off the peel took some getting used to – and actually first attempt would not slide off at all (managed to rescue it later) so most important point is to flour the peel well. Hot stone is a total revelation, there was a good crust on the bottom – a proper pizza, makes just a huge difference from baking pizza on a normal baking sheet. Definitely worth getting one! Mine now just lives in the oven and comes out for a clean or when I’m baking/ roasting something else.

Sourdough base worked very well, it gives the pizza a more interesting texture – I used a combination of Italian 00 flour, strong white and strong wholemeal. Takes longer to prove but not as long as sourdough bread. Also feels a little healthier although that’s probably just in my mind…