Just made, petrol jersey tunic dress

A few weeks ago, I treated myself to a new sewing machine, Singer heavy duty and it’s proving to be brilliant, helping me to get through a big pile of jersey fabrics I’ve accumulated over the years. First little project, a red marl T-shirt is documented here and I’ve also made a similar blue marl one with a straight hem since. Now that I’ve done a couple of basics, thought I’d attempt something a little more tricky:

 This is a Helmut Lang dress that I looked at for several months and then eventually got in the sales last year. It doesn’t look that great on the dummy – the dummy is a size too big and the dress quite fitted at the shoulder/ neck so apologies for that.

Over the past year, I’ve worn it a lot as a tunic over jeans, it’s very comfortable and a good fit and I’ve been meaning to make a pattern of it for years. The front is cut on bias, which I am not hugely experienced with but I thought I’d try. Was actually a lot easier than I thought. The pattern itself didn’t take long and, because the petrol jersey I was going to make it in was cheap, I didn’t bother toiling, just cut it. I did baste the front and back first though (no sleeve at this point) to see if I’d gone completely mad and to my utter surprise, it actually worked. It then took around 2 hours to make up – I pinned it and basted first. Here’s the finished result:

I did a cowl neck because it was easier and I hemmed everything (Helmut Lang one is not hemmed at front neck, sleeves or hem, which is a bit of a piss take considering the cost). Really happy with the result, the cowl neck looks great on and it’s very comfortable. Good colour too.  Still have a little bit of petrol jersey left, not sure if quite enough for a top but enough if I combine another colour. I still have quite a few…