Moth party

Oh yes, they went and had themselves a massive party in my cardi/dress. I know it was only COS and it bobbled on pretty much first wear last year but it is now no longer fit to be seen in public (pictured only the biggest hole but there are many many many more holes allover it). That’s what happens when wardrobe space too small and seasonal clothes get to spend time in the attic. Unbelievably, moths only partied in COS and left vintage Roksanda Ilincic and Sonia Rykiel sweaters as well as favourite wooly skirts alone. Am considering myself lucky that moths seem to have cheap taste.

Perhaps fixing moth holes in cardi dress can go on my already super long list of things to do over Christmas break and I should really figure out a moth-proof way of putting clothes in attic as garment bag inside another tightly sealed bag clearly didn’t work.

Time travel portal that almost worked

This would have looked most excellent had it really worked:

Unfortunately, I was too close. Building site by Moorgate and this entrance-type-gate-thing was the only thing left standing. It kind of looked like a cross between a ‘postmodern take on a triumphal arch’ and a gateway to another dimension.

It didn’t quite work but the pictures are still quite cool.

That’s a lovely place






Oh dear, not even dear lomo and a super sunny day can help Gunnesbury, it must be the ugliest station in London and quite possibly anywhere on this planet.

I’d normally try and do something more with a picture of something ugly but these, I am leaving pretty much alone. In support of friends and colleagues who’ve recently started frequenting this station due to unwanted office move.

And yes, it took ages to get there.

Day 46 overload

Obviously will be missing terrace while away yet I did not think of this at all. It was not my idea, well the idea was mine but the suggestion of possible LIFE discovered on terrace was beloveds. However, this blog was started with the idea of taking pictures on iphone which does not allow a nice zoom to capture possible life down below. On this occasion, an exception should be allowed. Yes, all good if my camera was here, alas it is not. There is, fortunately for me, another and with a better zoom too.

Eagerly grabbed 2nd camera only to be hugely disappointed…

What appeared from distance to be possibly a slug or funghi turned out to be nothing other than a dried up and shrivelled orange peel. Picture taken, queue a lengthy process of transferring from camera to iphone for a bit of lomography. Only I wasn’t quite satisfied now that I had this opportunity…

Might as well have a look around while equipped with zoom so explored the ‘pond’ for a bit, still searching for signs of life…

Nothing there either, nothing quite yet. I have a couple more nicely filtered pictures of it but couldn’t quite filter life into it. This ‘watering chair’ (neighbour’s cat drinks here) does look quite promising though.

Have to say I did get rather overexcited by the prospects of looking at terrace with a CAMERA – why did this thought not occur to me for 46 days? On I went, checking discarded packaging labels and suchlike and then something a bit more… let’s say irregular…

As much as I soften the edges, this is still a bit ‘messy’… Yes, that is right. The old barbecue charcoal is now serving as kitty litter!

Oh, I certainly will be missing the terrace while away. So a nice bumper neighbourhood watch post until the next time. Anyone out there thinking it will be cleared/ life will find a way – by the end of the week?

Oh great

So far all pics on this blog have been taken on my iphone 3gs and then, as phone camera not brilliant and me being even less of a brilliant photographer, manipulated with free apps. Like this:

Taken yesterday afternoon in the neighbourhood. Weather was a bit funny, sunny then cloudy then rain and sunny again. Was out in late afternoon when it was sunny again. Another pic, a few minutes later:

Anyway, going away tomorrow for a few days and was planning on taking an actual digital camera. It hasn’t been used in a while but I thought that going away and hopefully finding myself in a glorious setting of pure sublimity might necessitate a better picture taking equipment so remembered this morning to find and charge the digital camera. That would be the camera which I seem to have left at work… It doesn’t seem to be in its usual hiding places at home and unless I was trying to be particularly ‘clever’ and put it somewhere so I could REMEMBER where it was, it is at work. A terrible blow from which I will have to spend most of the day recovering…