Weetabix muffins

It’s been a long week and I woke up this morning thinking I deserve a lazy day, haven’t had one in ages. Didn’t really fancy baking anything long and complicated so these Weetabix muffins from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet¬†were perfect, took no time to make and bake – and they were ready just as my stomach started rumbling, demanding food. Really good too, with Weetabix, yoghurt, cinnamon, raisins, orange zest, mix of wholemeal and white flour and golden syrup.

Am also making sourdough today, which I suppose doesn’t make today all that lazy but will be spending rest of the afternoon on the sofa. Have a lot of telly to catch up with and books to read, bliss. Here’s the rest of the muffins: Soft focus on the photos pretty much perfectly sums up my mood too.

Lemon poppy seed muffins

Empty fridge is what happens when you’re away at the weekend and then go straight into a few very busy days at work. I tell a lie, fridge was not exactly empty, there were a few things in there I was ‘saving’ like some leftover egg yolks and coconut milk, both of which had to be chucked out. However, as I’ve been baking so much this year, ‘dry food’ storage shelves are full to the brim and rather than go out to get bread for breakfast, I looked up muffin recipes I could do with what I have to hand. Funny how I’d rather make muffins from scratch than leave house and go to shop, which is only a five minute walk… Anyway, Leith’s Baking Bible had these marvellous Lemon poppy seed muffins, for which I had everything, just about (milk was a bit touch and go, we were almost out). Took an hour from looking up the recipe to eating 2.

Am working from home for the next few days so there’ll be a bit more baking this weekend, work not terribly busy as everyone is either watching the Olympics or has gone away during the Olympics. I definitely want to make some fruit cakes as everything’s in season right now and will do a sourdough now that the ‘mother’ is bubbling nicely after having spent 4 days in the fridge.