Just read, Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales



This wonderful book has been by my bedside for several months. When I could manage (I fall asleep very quickly), I’d read a tale or two, taking it slowly and have now finished it. Have no idea how long ago I started it. Occasionally, I’d be a little perplexed, sometimes I’d think: served them right and often I’d fall asleep with a smile. Joy and laughs, Angela Carter’s anthology has been a very good book to have by the side of the bed and I’ll dip into it again, I’ve no doubt. Am keeping it close. The Observer jacket quote ‘Trumps Grimm’ is pretty apt too, I had Grimm’s fairy tales hardback collection by the bedside, read through about a half of it and was getting a little bored whereas Angela Carter’s anthology has been anything but boring. Tales from all over the world, folklore as much as fairy tales, some more ancient than others. I’ve several other books by the bedside, including Grimm brothers and also a Borges collection, Montaigne’s Essays, a book on science and Craig Brown’s One on One and I used to alternate between them (Craig Brown’s is a fairly recent addition). Regardless of how much I’ve been enjoying the others, Angela Carter’s anthology is the only one I’ve finished. I owe it to both Borges and Montaigne to read them properly (focus) and often I’m just too sleepy, perhaps I’ll start reading them in the mornings instead and the same goes for the science book (which may just be over my head anyway). Of course, having now read the anthology, I’d like to finally get the Marina Warner book on fairy tales and read more of Angela Carter – have only read Nights at the Circus but these will have to wait. I’m abstaining from purchases until my books’ ‘pile of shame’ is somewhat reduced. Have read quite a lot recently so thought I’d reward myself with Robert Macfarlane’s Old Ways and read it this weekend while walking in Yorkshire. Then promptly forgot I was planning on taking it with and downloaded Gone Girl for Kindle. Idiot.