Lee Valley, Cheshunt to Broxbourne, Broxbourne Woods

yellow meadow

We haven’t been able to get out for a long walk in weeks. I’ve spent the past few weekends writing a tricky essay for a course, finally finished it last week and now I’m on a break until the autumn. The weather was just perfect yesterday and we thought about going to the coast but decided, in the end, against a longer train journey and walked closer to home. Over the past couple of years we’ve been walking the Lee River path on and off and we’ve done most of it below Waltham Abbey and the M25. Yesterday, we decided to take a train to Cheshunt, walk up the river path towards Broxbourne, then leave the river and walk in Broxbourne Woods, a nature reserve. We did 10 miles in total. The first half of the river path was quiet, it got busier as we got closer to Broxbourne, the woodland, later on, was pretty deserted and so were the meadows we crossed on our way back to Broxbourne and train home.

lee river cheshunt

lee river private fishery sign

This sign was about 1/2 way between Cheshunt and Broxbourne. The first stage of Lee Valley walk, between Cheshunt Lock and Turnford Marsh had little paths going off, good for exploring and probably good for fishing, I don’t know, I just took lots of nature photos and spent a lot of time following butterflies.

blue flowers cozens grove


blue flower


I’m getting better at taking close up photos of flowers and plants but never know what I’m taking photos of. Must be an app somewhere for this sort of thing, shall do some research.

Hoddesonpark wood


Scenery change, Hoddesdonpark Wood above and the meadow is just marked ‘Hoddesdon’ on the OS map. Part of the walk was along Hertfordshire Way, think I’ll look up where it comes from and where it goes as it’s very easy for us to get up to this part of the world. It’s worth coming back to for the lovely scenery.