London Loop part 1, Erith to Bexley

Over the past couple of years we’ve walked most of the Capital Ring and Lee Valley walks so have been thinking about starting a new long walk – the London Loop, which we did earlier today. We started in Erith and did a 8.5/9 mile stretch to Bexley. We usually start longer walks at the section nearest to home but with London Loop being quite far off from home and Erith actually being pretty easily accessible, we thought we may as well start at the beginning. A short walk from the station to Thames Path and it all looked quite promising:Thames looking in at ErithThe sky was blue, it was sunny, looked like a good day ahead. It’s pretty incredible to think that I only took photos of Hackney Marsh in the snow last Sunday and now it’s completely gone. View to the other side was not too bad either: Thames looking out at ErithAnd then it all got a bit too industrial. And stayed industrial. We had the Thames to our left and a huge industrial ‘park’ to our right. This went on for well over a mile – you basically loop around the industrial ‘park’ and what looked like a huge junkyard. We pretty much marched through this bit, passing no one. Eventually, we turned to follow River Darent through Crayford Marshes and finally, no industry. A little later on, we followed the path along River Cray and the views got better:Cray riverBut not for long, this photo was taken looking back, looking ahead you could see a busy road up ahead and soon enough we had this lovely prospect in front of us:Rubbish heap london loop p1I thought all the birds on the roof looked quite funny. This was the last photo I took today, we still had a while to walk to get to Bexley station but to be honest, we didn’t come across anything interesting enough for a photo. Perhaps I am being a bit harsh but this was probably the least interesting walk we’ve done in or around London. There was an interesting looking old house, Hall Place just outside Bexley with big gardens and grounds and this seemed to be quite popular with visitors, otherwise we saw a couple of cyclists, a couple walking ahead of us at one point and pretty much no one else. We still had a good day out, it was sunny for the most part and we got a bit of exercise but this is not a walk I’d want to return to. Perhaps it’s just the time of the year, might look nicer in the spring.