How much fun can you have on the ginger line

Spent much of a journey earlier this afternoon taking photos over my shoulder. Had no idea what I was really taking photos of and got very lucky!

Later, facing window straight on:

These are for my ever growing collection of fabulous patterns that one day may or may not get printed onto fabric.

And these two ended up just fab – over shoulder, lomo then red filter on pixlromatic.


I love a good tree

So I was at this self-styled fancy country hotel (of which more later) yesterday for a wedding. I was hoping I’d get an opportunity to wander about and take some pictures and I got lucky. While the official photographer went around taking official pictures, I spotted some nice trees and tree trunks. Unfortunately I was in heels so couldn’t venture too far. Only managed to get close to a couple of tree trunks:

I don’t do stylised effects on other photos but they work quite well on tree trunks. Am building a nice collection of these, maybe some day, if I have time and if printing on silk doesn’t cost a fortune, I should get some fabric made. Not just for scarfs, dresses too and other marvellous things.

All dressed up

An outfit (well most of the outfit) post – had a wedding to go to yesterday, this is what I wore. It’s a dress I made last year, using another vintage ebay pattern. I made a lot of it by hand while watching bad TV. Fabric came from favourite fabric shop in South London – I think they must have only just had that fabric in so I got very lucky. The white of the petals was added on later so you can feel the paint – someone who knows told me that means whoever produced the fabric didn’t do discharge – in any case, they ended up with a simply marvellous printed silk. Can’t believe it’s only the second time I wore this dress too, must give it some more outings.

In other news, am still working on the charcoal wool fitted shift, it’s nearly finished but must go out now before the shops close and get a zip – have loads of zips at home but none are long enough. With a bit of luck, will finish the dress by end of weekend.

Falling Angels

The fabulous Abney Park cemetery earlier today. Was on way elsewhere so didn’t take any more photos. These two reminded me of Tracy Chevalier’s novel, Falling Angels. Read it years ago but think it’s due another read, I think it’s a better book now in my memory than it was when I read it. It lingers… well it’s lingered for years.

Abney Park shall have a proper, get-overexcited-with-camera visit at some point soon too.





Random patterns

Spotted on a walk through Great Monk Wood, Epping Forest:


Quite good patterns from trees, would look great on silk, particularly the last picture but I like all of them.

Think I should get in touch with Liberty scarf dept. and see if they want to produce + sell for ridiculous amounts of money… or keep pics and see if I ever get time to perhaps get one printed somewhere myself. One for the ‘in the ideal world where I have all the time/ inspiration/ resources/ motivation to do whatever I’d like’ to do list…


OK, think this has got to be the last of the lakes trip posts. I can’t help myself though, there were lovely and wonderful and inspiring and intriguing things to look at everywhere.

Like this fabulous pattern made by lichen growing on a rock. Actually think it would make a fab print on silk – a dress for me, yes? Or maybe a scarf…

And some cute little mushrooms. Was seeing little mushrooms growing everywhere and all I could think of that in a month or so there could be cepes… I love cepes but they are both prohibitively expensive and hard to find in shops.

Another nice pattern, lichen growing like ruffles. Already colours are more autumnal, would be lovely to go back to the woods in autumn and see the changing colours of trees.

If I ever have time + resources, I might go back to some of these and see if they could be developed into textiles, good idea methinks.