I made these fluffy clouds of almond, honey and nutty butter as a result of Friday’s strawberry picking extravaganza. I made jam and, having picked way more strawberries than needed, decided to also make ice cream. Lovely ice cream (will photograph later) but it left me with a load of egg whites, which, of course had to be used up as I hate throwing anything useful away. So I ended up making some financiers using Hugh FW’s recipe on¬†The Guardian¬†website. They took 3 of the egg whites and no time or effort. In fact the only thing that took a little while was browning the butter and letting it cool a bit. No mixer needed, I just whisked by hand. These also have only 40g flour for 12, no added raising agent and rose beautifully in a hot oven. I made them early yesterday evening as couldn’t face turning the oven on during a super hot afternoon. Also worth using a decent honey here – I used the New Zealand thyme honey from Sainsbury’s which gave them a lovely aroma. Just delicious.