Forget the sourdough

That’s exactly what I did last night, totally forgot that sourdough bread was in the oven… Think I overbaked by probably around half an hour, what an idiot! With making the sponge first and all the proving, this loaf took about 14-15 hours total so it really was very stupid of me to forget all about it. Anyway, the end result was a bit on the ‘dark side’ of brown:

20120929-102117.jpg Beloved said it would probably be fine to eat, just a bit crusty. He was right, we just had some for breakfast with butter and jam and it’s totally fine:

20120929-102302.jpg Lesson for future, not the end of the world if one’s sourdough is a bit overbaked… Doing a bit more baking this weekend, seeing family and can’t quite decide between a plum tart or toffee apple buns. Think I’ll see what plums are like at the green grocers then decide. Thinking it might be an overkill if I also do some savoury muffins…