Chocolate muscovado banana cake

I seem to be baking with bananas quite a bit at the moment, there was the Banana and walnut bread and now this Chocolate muscovado banana cake from Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries II. Well, there were four rather blackened bananas in the fruit bowl so I thought better use them in something than throw them away. And, as it happens, this cake is totally worth leaving bananas out too long, it is rather lovely. Here’s the whole thing:IMG_0518I’ve been a fan of Nigel Slater’s recipes for years although I’ve learnt not to completely trust some of his ingredient quantities. For this cake, I reduced the quantity of muscovado sugar and also used up some old vanilla palm sugar I had. Combined with a teaspoon of vanilla essence, 100g of Valrhona and the pretty overripe bananas, this cake has a rich, intense, almost boozy flavour. Typically, I didn’t particularly fancy waiting for it to cool down so cut it, carefully, while still warm. Unfortunately the colourful look – with chopped chocolate and some bits of banana still visible, doesn’t quite translate in this photo since I used flash on iphone and then tried to soften and warm up the image somewhat.IMG_0517Have to admit, I did the photos in a rush as have quite a lot on at the moment – not satisfied with doing one pretty full on course, I’ve committed to doing another, not nearly as full on but I seem to be forever catching up now. At least all this study is not leaving me any time to be depressed about it still being winter.


Leftover fruit

While I can happily come up with something for dinner using leftovers or odd bits and bobs from fridge/ cupboard, I don’t often come up with fruity ideas. So, this one from Hugh FW’s Three Good Things for Banana, apple, pear came in very handy – peel, half, core 2 of each fruit, bake with a bit of butter and a tablespoon of oil (I used walnut) at 190C for ten minutes, stir, bake for another ten, sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of soft brown sugar and bake for 10 more. We had some with cream:

Delicious. This followed a rather good lunch of acorn squash stuffed with leeks, cheese and cream with a Puy lentil, fennel and rocket salad, very autumnal (apart from fennel perhaps). Both recipes from Hugh FW’s Veg book, I really am working my way through it. Now stuffed and looking forward to going to theatre in a bit to see Eileen Atkins and Michael Gambon. Love her so rather excited about it!