Orchid watch 4.5

More than a month of orchid watch and still no flowering from either the Old Columbia Road or the Baby IKEA orchids. Trying to contain myself and remain patient. Taking pictures as I go:

Old Columbia Road this morning, looking good.

I rather liked the light/dark contrast here and red-ish tint to both photos.

The Baby IKEA orchid inspires different feeling as it’s in a white setting, I kinda like taking pictures with blurred, overemphasised colours. The stem’s certainly grown since last week.

Better visible here. More pics here

Going to be out and about today so hoping to take and post more photos as have been pretty rubbish this week.


Fireworks or deep space photography

I love it how people go crazy for fireworks, I really, really, really wanted to take pictures of them with iphone and it so doesn’t work. Too fast, too far and generally beyond the capabilities of 3gs camera.

I was trying to take so many pics too quickly that I did end up with some great accidental shots – think these are due to shutter not opening properly so there is a line splitting the shots and looks almost like deep space photography.

This photo could so easily be mistaken for a red giant methinks:

And this is what I think they refer to as a superflare star Рaccording to wikipedia only nine superflare stars have been spotted, lucky me to have created the tenth!



I loved the sky last night too:

Glowing red and full of smoke.

How much fun can you have with neighbourhood fireworks

The annual firework extravaganza weekend and while nothing will ever come close to the crazy firework display by the Cliff Society in Lewes, one can have a lot of fun just by looking at a bathroom window!

I was looking for a local display, there wasn’t one. ¬†That is, until our neighbours started their own display. By the time I realised what was going on, I was too scared to open the window so ended up with these:

Now hoping that they haven’t made a hole in the roof…

Week 3.5 of orchid watch

The orchid watch continues. No flowers yet on either but they are coming. Must say, I am growing very excited with anticipation and there has definitely been ‘growth’ this week, see here the ‘Columbia Road’ orchid:

That’s excellent, had to move it around in order to photograph. Have another:

And, not forgetting the ‘baby IKEA’ orchid:

And another, showing the stem tiny bit better:

Chances are, these two are going to flower at the same time. Totally beyond exciting! I wander, what is the most difficult flower you can grow in a pot? If the ‘Columbia Road’ is about to flower after about 8 years, I’m ready to take anything else on! Somebody gimme an allotment and a hothouse now pls. Thanks.

Back to the ‘time portal’

Back in the general direction of Moorgate today, this is becoming a regular haunt now and will be for a while. Took some more photos of the ‘gateway to another dimension’ with more or less success:

It’s the ruin bit surrounded by other buildings. Think I’d need to hire a helicopter or something to capture this properly but am trying, am trying…

Here it is from the opposite direction, building site fenced off and really makes me wander why they left this entrance standing? Must be a gateway to another dimension!!

Bit further down the road, builders working on scaffolding… clearly becoming obsessed with scaffolding…

Perhaps I should have asked them if they’d been through the gateway? Or perhaps I should have asked the occupiers:

On Finsbury Square, have to say, the square looks a lot more interesting now there are loads of tents and people around. But something is very, very wrong in this picture, capitalism working?? No, no, no, that is not the message:

Much better now that capitalism is not working! That’s quite clear.

Difference of a day

I love a building site – not that I visit them frequently but there’s something about the regular gridlines of scaffolding, the structure of cranes, sometimes even the alienness of a tall shell of a building going up that makes me stop and look, fascinated. If I had this blog last year, I would have probably spent hours taking photographs of the Shard of glass going up by London Bridge – at night, it looked like some sort of alien hive. Not that I particularly like many of the new tall buildings once finished and I very much dislike disruption to traffic that any great new building project necessitates.

This particular building spot near the Old Street roundabout is definitely not something I am excited about – as they demolished what was once a very intriguing-looking model shop to build this. I’d never even been inside the model shop but always wanted to go – bet you could get lost in there for hours, think it was much used by architects and people who make models (who else?) and I never went as would have probably just bought tons of stuff to make – I don’t know, dioramas? and then never made anything. So, of course, there is a lot of disruption to traffic around but, at the same time, as traffic is slow, you can take pictures from the bus. Yesterday, I took these:

I was going to post them yesterday but didn’t have time. Then today I had to go back to the area and managed to take some more pictures – these are very different, yesterday was a very sunny day and today was a bit less so:


And, I’ve also managed to capture exactly what I mean by total disturbance to traffic – at another building site, very near, these are left on the street, fenced off, like there isn’t anywhere else on actual site to keep them:

That’s right, loads of sandbags… took this photo over shoulder so not exactly straight but otherwise rather good. What are they building – bet it’s the usual, offices that will stay unoccupied for years and overpriced flats that nobody can afford to live in. Oh, and probably some sort of a ‘retail element’ to the build, there’s always some retail, likely to be most uninteresting. Where did the model shop go?

Orchid watch

Weekly ‘orchid watch’ update – I love how this blog always has an update on some ‘watch’. Am rather enjoying watching something regularly and photographing its changes/ progress/ status quo – the summer I spent watching neighbours’ terrace and then they moved away. The new neighbours I still haven’t met but have sort of kept having a look at the terrace every now and then. Now there are the orchids – there are two in the flat, one, which I’ve had for years, has never flowered and the other, which was bought last year, flowered past summer. Both are about to flower and I’ve been watching the older orchid for weeks:

Every time I come to take a photo, the stalk has grown somewhat, which is lovely and just a bit exciting. It’s almost happening! Love the contrast between light and dark and how I’ve lost definition because I exaggerated the contrast.

Same photo, much greener. Think I could happily spend a whole day playing with my little photo apps and filters.

And a slightly different angle and still greener.

Anyway, moving onto the baby orchid. It’s doing very well too:

Love this photo, it looks very unnatural, considering it’s of a plant.

Guess it might be another week or two and then I’ll have to worry about how best to capture little blooms. If memory serves correctly (it has been some years), the old orchid is a deep pink, the baby one is white.