Cranes and blue sky

There is definitely something about cranes and building sites set against a clear blue sky, this was taken late morning near work,


Have put a tiny little filter on it but otherwise not messed with. Love a good building site, not so much finished new buildings most of the time. Need to take more photos when out and about, pity that all recent ‘out and about’ has been very rushed as work’s very busy so I don’t even notice much around me. Glad I did today. Also glad for having been able to get out of the office for a good little lunch at St. John (bar), crab on toast, salad with dried pig’s liver and a rather large slice of chocolate cake. Lovely

Instant cheer-or-pick-me-up

Just came back from a mildly hellish trip to IKEA, badly timed on a busy Sunday afternoon. IKEA itself wasn’t too bad but journey there and back was just ridiculous. Purpose of going was to get a big picture frame as I really wanted to have some printed photographs framed, what with all the instant photo galleries on phones, macs and iPads and blogging, I miss seeing actual printed photos. And I obviously picked up one or two other things, including these cute glasses,

20120916-154919.jpg These hold just the perfect coffee to milk ratio for an afternoon pick me up and will be good for wine, manzanilla, port (although perhaps a bit girly for port?) and possibly even negronis. That reminds me to get some Campari…

By the sea

A lovely day out in Whitstable with friends yesterday, mostly spent in glorious sunshine on the beach. Have been to Whitstable before but not in years and we really picked a good day to go. The weather was marvellous, very hot, simply gorgeous colours everywhere. Lots and lots of people about too but we found fairly quiet spots on the beach and didn’t seem to notice much until it was time to go home and to try and squeeze ourselves onto a train back to London. Tiny train that runs once an hour, you and everyone else who picked one of the rare true summer days to go to the beach, yes, we didn’t really think that one through… Anyway, journey back was long and eventful, let’s just say I wouldn’t wait for the sunset next time, just get the hell out of Dodge.

The sky

Obligatory shot of pebbles, they have left a mark on my behind… Oh well, teach me to take a beach towel next time

Boats and huts

The sunset.

    All photos actually taken with a camera yesterday, I not only remembered to bring the camera but also to use it! This is indeed rare…

Most fabulous Italian deli

Slightly worrying this – took some pictures at a fab Italian deli in Belgravia this morning, work related so I used a ‘proper’ camera and not iphone and at the time I thought I must post these on the blog and now I don’t think they need any of my usual messing with – filters and tilt shifts and such like. I am posting as is… oh dear, strange, very, very strange… don’t quite know what’s come over me other than the deli looks so lovely in prep for Christmas and all the food looks so great and of course I want all of it so I guess I’ll just post as is.

However… I did do a little instagram messing with on my tumblr, tilt shift included.

Accidental light

So I love how half of London is a building site at the moment, let’s make it all sparkly and shiny and new for the Olympics next year and let’s make it super difficult for people to get from one place to another. Great. Anyway, I am frequently passing King’s Cross station, where the front is currently being renovated and I love how imposing this looks at night covered in scaffolding but it’s impossible taking a decent picture of the site from a bus. Last night’s attempts:


You can see the hand rail and the lights in the bus just at the level of where the clock is at King’s Cross, it’s like the clock is emitting some strange light. Love it!