Fireworks or deep space photography

I love it how people go crazy for fireworks, I really, really, really wanted to take pictures of them with iphone and it so doesn’t work. Too fast, too far and generally beyond the capabilities of 3gs camera.

I was trying to take so many pics too quickly that I did end up with some great accidental shots – think these are due to shutter not opening properly so there is a line splitting the shots and looks almost like deep space photography.

This photo could so easily be mistaken for a red giant methinks:

And this is what I think they refer to as a superflare star – according to wikipedia only nine superflare stars have been spotted, lucky me to have created the tenth!



I loved the sky last night too:

Glowing red and full of smoke.

Day 114

There has been no terrace watch for over 2 weeks! That’s a very long time indeed but now that new people are living in the flat with the terrace, terrace watch is not as interesting. See:

It was much more interesting with the old neighbours when there were half eaten melons, dirty old jeans and bedlinen… Can’t believe I am missing the old mess! But I do like the tinge of autumn (imaginary really as the only ‘tinge’ is a ‘tint’ and some fallen leaves) in the picture. I’ve a couple more:

A nice little tilt-shifted instagram close up of the table.

And a slightly melancholy pic with blurred edges. Must say, I did feel a bit excited when I opened the window to have a look earlier, I mean it had been over two weeks in which time all sorts of things could have happened with the old terrace but I needn’t have bothered. Oh well. Perhaps we’ll have mountains of snow soon or something and then I can go snap-happy again.

Day 77

So after the shocking news yesterday that neighbours are moving out – and seemed to have pretty much moved out by the time I got back from work, what happened to their terrace? After all, the neighbour’s terrace watch has been the main subject of this blog for – well, 77 days…

Ha! Nothing happened to the terrace! I promise neighbours have left the building and am not using yesterday’s pictures! Let’s have another look:

New photo app – it’s all to do with vintage viewfinders but will have to check name properly later when not in rush. And, let’s take one more look:

Woo hoo! Thanks instagram for a marvellous update.

Anyway, the neighbours have gone, the terrace mess is still there – I am totally confused about what to do… keep the watch? Do something else?

Day 76 – we may have a problem

Conscious of the fact that there was no terrace watch yesterday, this morning’s was conducted bright and early. In fact, first watch was so early that it was still dark outside (see below). And, while I ended up with some lovely effects that kinda go into ‘accidentals’ category as I think pics are great and they sort of ended like that by chance (and lomo), that is now no longer important.

There is a far, far bigger issue of which I’d become aware earlier today – it is a complete tragedy and at the same time it is happy news…

the neighbours are moving…

For a second, I felt like anyone with messy neighbours would feel at this sort of news but that is not what this blog is about. This blog… obviously therein lies the problem as I started the blog because of the terrace. Oh well, have had weird and wonderful 10 or so weeks of terrace watch so once the neighbours go, will be on look out for something else. Am far to addicted to my little collection of photo apps to stop the whole thing now anyway. Blame lomo!

And here is this morning’s ‘night vision goggles’ shot – do not have flash on iphone camera so think this is actually an ‘achievement’:

Day 74

Neighbours’ terrace in the early afternoon sun:

Shadows everywhere including my finger partially obscuring the lens… it was very sunny so I couldn’t really see clearly what I was doing. I rather enjoyed todays view, the chairs leaving pretty cool shadows, the whole place somehow looks more dynamic. So there I was snapping away and practicing with Synthcam when the cat appeared again:

For 70 days I see no cat on neighbourhood watch and then two sightings in a couple of days. Of course, with synthcam, the cat can barely be discerned – it’s just to the left of table.

And then it went to its watering hole to cool itself off in the early afternoon sun. (if reading out loud, please employ best David Attenborough voice)

It looked about, it drank some more and then it disappeared. Think I can now legitimately change ‘neighbourhood terrace watch’ to ‘life on terrace watch’.

Let’s finish with an instagram – accidental cat sighting deserves photo-overload:

Day 73

The weather is doing all sorts of things today. The weather, however doesn’t have a huge amount of impact on the terrace other than making the ‘laundry’ wet or dry.


The wind does move bits of rubbish about, like the old coke bottle and old food packaging. Every few days something new comes into my vision, like the blue cardboard packaging – to the left of the top chair. Wonder where that came from?

As I took some pictures with the normal iphone cam and some with the synthcam, I decided to play with the effects and give the terrace a soft and hard feel. Here is the soft:

And here is the hard:

Look at all that filth!

The final terrace ‘look’ for today I rather like, with the overemphasised red of the chairs and the blurriness of everything else.

Day 71 repeater but totally worth it

The terrace doesn’t often get two look-ins in a day but I had a funny feeling today on return from work…

Total whoop moment as the long expected cat was out there!! Of course the iphone cam went into a complete overdrive as have wanted a photo of cat on terrace ever since I spotted it drinking water from the ‘pond’ weeks and weeks ago. The cat, however was just sitting under the table and snap as much as I like, you couldn’t really make it out.  It was sitting right on top of a dark stain. Then it made a move:

Of course, at this point I am like an overexcited child…

Look at that, the cat has totally appropriated the camping chair into its own private little source of drinking water.

And a nice little instagram moment too.

I got the proper camera out as well but by this point the cat had stopped drinking. It looked up at me as I took another couple of pictures but will not post – must protect the cat’s identity…