Eton mess

Sugar kick needed this afternoon so used up leftover meringues and whipping cream with strawberries (some chopped, some pureed). It is worth making meringues the ottolenghi way (melting sugar in egg white over a pot of simmering water, then whisking at high speed until cooled + very stiff) just to have this goodness:

Was properly messy as I mixed it all up in serving bowls:

Gone in seconds, now back to essay writing


Cinnamon and hazelnut meringue

Beloved’s family visiting so a bit of a busy weekend with lots of cooking and baking. So what did I do yesterday afternoon on top of getting everything ready – I made meringues! I don’t even particularly like them (too sweet) but baking obsession is strong…

Had two egg whites left over after making baked custards so meringues sort of seemed the obvious thing to do and I used the Ottolenghi recipe where mixer did all the work. Yottam and co are totally right, you couldn’t get that sort of silky glossiness with a handheld electric whisk. These are cinnamon and hazelnut and obviously not as big as the ones in Ottolenghi windows because I only had two egg whites but they still look fab:

Now we can have Eaton mess tomorrow instead of just strawberries and cream.

Right, back to the kitchen.

How much fun can you have while queueing

I guess that totally depends on where and what you’re queueing for. I was at the V&A the other night and at first there was a long and boring queue with no fabulous exhibits in my vicinity to relieve the boredom. Then we moved a bit so I just snapped, not all that successfully I may add but still it was kinda fun,

Pretty much ‘point and click’ while moving in the queue.

Anyway, I hadn’t been to the V&A in ages, which is a great shame. Must add ‘long visit to V&A’ to my list of things to do over Christmas holidays. That reminds me, must make ‘to do’ list for holidays so that I could basically forget it all once said holidays finally arrive

How much fun on a sunny autumn day in Kew

Glorious, albeit brief walk in Kew Gardens today and the best of autumn. Wonderfully rich colours, yellows and reds, still some green about while some trees are already bare. On a day like this, autumn is definitely my favourite season. Photo overload follows along with a heavy lomography warning:

OK, the last picture is technically not really very autumnal but still pretty cool. Hoping this isn’t the last glorious day of the year and thinking I should get to Kew more often.

How much fun can you have with neighbourhood fireworks

The annual firework extravaganza weekend and while nothing will ever come close to the crazy firework display by the Cliff Society in Lewes, one can have a lot of fun just by looking at a bathroom window!

I was looking for a local display, there wasn’t one. ┬áThat is, until our neighbours started their own display. By the time I realised what was going on, I was too scared to open the window so ended up with these:

Now hoping that they haven’t made a hole in the roof…

How much fun can you have with salad

Last night’s dinner: hot smoked salmon, tender steam broccoli, tomatoes, shallots with some good olive oil, lemon and salt. Would purists scream at broccoli being cut up? Probably. Did not fancy using a knife hence chopped. Could have added some capers too, I forgot but don’t think that would have contributed in any way to vibrancy of this photo. Love it!

It was a double pixl’r’omatic – or rather saved picture with one filter then applied another on top. Don’t know why I never thought of that before! You can have a lot of fun with that I think and intend to try. Certainly intend to try. I mean, if you can have this much fun with a simple salad, imagine the possibilities…

How much fun could you have with this pumpkin?

At local veg shop yesterday – this super giant pumpkin! I was getting veg for chicken stock + soup and lemon to fight off this cold I’ve coming. Wasn’t feeling all that happy but then got very excited when I spotted the pumpkin

I mean it’s so big, you could sit in it!! Forget Halloween carving, sit in it!!