Beaded necklace

My favourite embroidery/ beading time is Sunday afternoon when there’s an Agatha Christie repeat on telly and I can just vaguely pay attention to it (I’d seen them all several times before) and do the crafty stuff at the same time. Last year, I bought a whole load of cheap beads when an online shop had a closing down sale, planning to make some beaded necklaces while semi-watching old whodunits. I started one then got a bit busy and forgot all about it. There were no more Agatha Christies to watch. The half-finished necklace was destined to linger on, half-finished until last week, when I was forced to watch a whole load of recorded BBC4 documentaries – the box was running out of space. So now the necklace is finished and looking great:



I got the idea for it a few years back when I saw something similar in Vogue and made a slightly narrower one in different colours and to a different pattern at the time. This one is, I think, a better fit around the neck and a decent finish so I’m very happy with it. Here’s a photo of it on the old dummy


I really dislike starting projects and never finishing them, sometimes I just lose momentum, sometimes I’m a bit too ambitious and think I’ll do it but then don’t have any spare time. Anyway, really pleased I managed to finish at least one beaded necklace and can’t wait to wear it, it’ll look very good against navy or grey. Now, where did I put the rest of the beads…


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