Chocolate and pecan tart

A friend with a sweet tooth was coming over to spend the afternoon watching movies yesterday, a perfect opportunity to bake something suitably rich and indulgent, something with chocolate. As I’d already had Paul Hollywood’s How To Bake book out to make sourdough, I leafed through it in search of inspiration and stopped at the description for the Chocolate and pecan tart – like a good treacle tart but more sophisticated. Beloved is a big fan of treacle tart (of anything with golden syrup really) so I thought this would do splendidly. It did:



The recipe involved making a sweet pastry – this one has a high butter to flour ratio so it does need a long chilling time + quick rolling but it is wonderfully short. The filling I played around with a little. It includes melted butter and dark chocolate, whisked into beaten eggs; then sugar and golden syrup brought to boiling point, cooled and whisked slowly into the chocolate/ egg mix; a little vanilla extract and a whole load of chopped pecans. Despite our friend’s sweet tooth and Beloved’s love of golden syrup, I reduced the quantities a bit and increased the quantity of chocolate. I’m glad I did as the tart was still rich and sweet but not overpoweringly so. Very, very good indeed.

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