Jam buns


One of my favourite food memories is my grandmother’s Buchteln. The fluffy buns filled with jam and topped with chopped walnuts and icing sugar. Me tearing them from the tray, still hot, grandmother shaking her head and warning me of hot jam – I didn’t even like jam then but made the exception to Buchteln or buhtle as we called them. I’ve wanted to have a go at making them for ages and finally did so this morning so we could have them for breakfast. How extravagant!

The dough is quite similar to Chelsea buns, only you cut it into squares, fill with a teaspoon of jam then pinch the ends together. I topped them with walnuts as my gran did but traditionally, I think the top is left plain. I filled them with different jams: strawberry, goosebery and fig. They are absolutely delicious, Beloved is an immediate fan – he’s not had one before, I don’t think they’re eaten in England.



I did have a bit of a mishap, one of them leaked jam but all in all, I’m pretty pleased with the first attempt. Am going to work on the recipe a bit before posting, I found quite a few on the web with similar ingredient quantities but ended up using more flour to get a workable dough. Perfecting the recipe – great excuse to make more…


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