Sourdough pancakes



Time has conspired against me today, not enough of it for a sourdough loaf so I made pancakes for breakfast instead. These serve as a good check on the sourness of the starter too and it is good and sour. Lovely. To make, mix anywhere between 100-150g sourdough starter (I usually just pour in from the jar without weighing), 120g flour, 2 eggs, pinch of salt, 25g melted butter and 150-160ml milk (depending on how much starter used) into a smooth pancake batter, then proceed as per normal pancakes. Flip over as air bubbles start to appear on top. This batter quantity will make up to 12. Had some bacon left over so we had a few with bacon and maple syrup, then yoghurt, maple syrup and flaked almonds with the rest and now totally stuffed. Haven’t had these in ages, must get into the habit of making them regularly again as they are so good and they use up the starter that you’d normally throw away.


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