Nectarine ice cream


I don’t think I’ve ever used the ice cream maker as much as this summer (I’ve had it around 10 years). I started off with Nigella’s strawberry ice cream recipe back in early July and have been adapting the recipe to different summer fruits since (flat white peach here). Funny thing is, I’m not even a massive fan of fruit ice cream, when eating out, I usually order nutty ones. This summer’s been too hot though, I haven’t fancied baking cakes all that much and I have fancied eating fruit, especially since local greengrocer has such a great variety and all within days of being perfectly ripe, nothing like supermarket fruit. The flat Spanish nectarines caught my eye, they are sweet and juicy and I thought I’d try them in an ice cream.

I used three flat nectarines, weighing just over 300g, peeled, chopped and sprinkled with perhaps a teaspoon of sugar, no more, then left in the fridge for 5-6 hours. I then warmed 300ml Jersey milk, 300ml double cream and half a vanilla pod, split with seeds scraped into the milk and cream, then left the whole thing to infuse for half an hour. Separately, I whisked 5 egg yolks (Burford Browns, so medium size) with 50g sugar (Biona’s whole cane sugar, I like the taste of this very much) until pale, then added the milk and cream (minus vanilla pod) and made custard, then chilled this too for 5-6 hours. To finish, I pureed the fruit, added this to custard and churned. I toyed with the idea of making some pecan praline and adding bits of this as well but in the end decided against it – I wanted to see what the pure fruit ice cream would taste like and didn’t want it too sweet. It’s just delicious. Very creamy thanks to Jersey milk but I think with very ripe and sweet fruit, normal whole milk would do the job just fine + you’d end up with a lot lower fat content. The other week I made an ice cream with French President plums (the large oval blue ones), I roasted them first for 40 minutes, drizzled with maple syrup and used whole milk, not Jersey milk and the finished ice cream was memorably intense. Seriously good, shame I never took a photo.


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