Just read, The Sisters Brothers, Patrick deWitt


Very good book this. Since I have so many unread books at home, I don’t often buy recent releases but I’d seen some of the reviews for The Sisters Brothers, liked the idea of it and liked the title so I bought it not long ago. I’d also been reading older books from The Guardian‘s 1,000 novels everyone should read list and older books from my own ‘pile of shame’ and really was itching to read something new. I devoured The Sisters Brothers in pretty much 24 hours and loved it. It is not a very long book and I didn’t rush it either, in fact its tempo is rather slow. It’s very atmospheric, desolate even despite there being quite a few colourful characters. The desolation is in the landscape, in the change of seasons, in the people and places and mostly, in the morality. I liked this a lot. It’s also very cinematic, very Roger Deakins. Loved the writing style, I guess I was expecting it to be a bit more punchy or gritty due to its subject matter and was surprised by it being quite normal. This made the book all the more interesting and, for me at least, refreshing although the subject matter is anything but ‘refreshing’. Could easily see this being made into a good film by the Coen brothers with Roger Deakins (obviously).


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