Granary and spelt bread



I was going to make sourdough bread yesterday but forgot to make the sponge the night before so this loaf has both yeast (a little) and sourdough starter (a lot). I had malted granary flour to use up, then added some spelt flour and some strong white to make up my usual 500g quantity. As it’s quite humid today, I gave it less proving time,  it rose beautifully and did not deflate when I transferred it onto the peel and then onto hot stone (this is what usually happens!). The end result is really rather good, here it is sliced:


I sliced it while it was still hot, which I know I shouldn’t have but we were starving. Anyway, very good, light texture, nutty from the spelt and with a good crumb. Glad I got a decent shape after my last attempt.



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