White peach ice cream



This is the third time I’ve made fresh fruit ice cream in a month. We’ve had strawberry, then gooseberry and now white peach. The recipe I’ve been using, from Nigella Lawson is available here and it produces the creamiest and most delicious ice cream. Could have it on drip feed, it’s that fabulous. As I only have a small freezer and the basic Magimix ice cream maker, the full recipe requires churning in 2 batches – I did this with strawberry ice cream and managed to find use for all leftover egg whites. No mean feat, the recipe uses 10 egg yolks! I’ve since made a smaller quantities: 300g fruit, 300ml milk, 300ml double cream, 120g sugar, vanilla pod and 5 large or 6 medium egg yolks (hence so much meringue & macaroons on the blog recently, I’ve had tons of egg whites to use up!). Didn’t need lemon for gooseberry or white peach ice creams. This is a perfect quantity for the basic Magimix. I’ve also used Jersey milk and this really makes all the difference – made the gooseberry ice cream with normal, full fat milk and it was fine but nowhere near as creamy.

White peaches are among my favourite fruit, our marvellous greengrocer has them within a day or two of perfect ripeness too so I think I shall make some more of this ice cream next week. Might also experiment with fruit and nuts.

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