Walking stick


This is quite silly but a little bit marvellous too, I’ve whittled a walking stick! Blaming Yorkshire adders for this silliness. Not that we saw any adders while walking in North Yorkshire Moors the other week but we saw a notice to ‘beware’ so I picked up a stick for defence purposes. Not that I’d really know what to do with a stick had we encountered an adder but thought I’d be safer with one than without. The stick turned out to be quite handy on that walk as I sprained my ankle later on and was very happy to have something to lean on. I exclaimed I was taking it back to London with us to some mild eyebrow raising from Beloved. Then I promptly left it in a caf while having a bite to eat. Typical, Beloved knew something like that would happen. The next day, however, on our last walk before catching the train back, I found an even better, sturdier stick and I did manage to bring it back! Now it’s de-barked, whittled and sanded and oiled a little bit (not sure if you’re meant to do all that, my Lost Crafts book only says to leave it for a year! to dry then whittle) and ready for a walk. I’m more than likely to leave it somewhere, break it or lose it but hopefully not for a while. Love its curved shape and its height – it’s really too long for a walking stick, it’s almost like a staff. Fitted on the back of the rucksack, looks likely to hit anyone in vicinity…

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