Sourdough (mishap) bread

I was so organised about this week’s bread (I thought). Did a lovely oaty sourdough too, not aided by any yeast + the mother had been in the fridge since Sunday, unrefreshed for that extra sourness. Made the sponge last night, got up bright and early to give it plenty proving time. Then I ended up with this:IMG_0670

That’s basically one giant sourdough kipferl… Dough was a tad on the wet side so I should have really really coated the peel, not just really coated it. It was such a good loaf shape too and then obviously deflated while I tried, desperately, to shove it off and onto the hot stone. It was quite a long loaf in the first place so one end of it went off the stone. Oh well. Tastes good though, very good. I added rolled oats to the sponge (mix was 200g strong white flour, 100g strong wholemeal flour, 75g rolled oats, sourdough started – probably around 100-150g and nearly 400ml water for the sponge last night, then another 100g strong white, 125g strong wholemeal flour and a teaspoon of salt this morning for the dough – full method here). I find the oats add a really great nutty taste and improve the texture. Here’s another photo:



Looks even more like a kipferl from this angle but never mind that, look at the marvellous crumb!


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