Macaroons and muffins

A friend was given a surprise baby shower yesterday so I thought I’d bake something for her. I wanted something light and also quick to make and as she doesn’t know whether she’s having a girl or a boy, I thought I’d play on the fact that you can either get blue or pink bits and bobs for newborns – from wrapping paper and cards to toys and clothing, hardly anything is unconventionally yellow, green or orange. So, I made Dan Lepard’s trusty Blueberry and creme fraiche cupcakes from Short and Sweet but I only used a thinnest film of icing (with unrefined icing sugar) so that I could sprinkle stuff on top. I’m calling them muffins:



Very light, these, the recipe is available here for those who don’t have the book. I’ve made them before, without any icing and they are very good indeed. I also made these great little Rose pink macaroons, again, recipe from Dan Lepard, available online. These were quite fun to do and very quick, my favourite bit was using a teaspoon of grated raw beetroot to colour the sugar, neat little trick and no need for colourings/ E numbers.


These are ‘rough and ready’ macaroons, using both flaked and ground almonds for a more interesting texture and the flavour comes from rose water. As the recipe suggests, they do go very well with Champagne so a good idea for a party sweet. Think I’ll definitely make them again.


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