Monastery bread and homemade jams



I haven’t been able to make bread for the past couple of weeks now so didn’t want to let today’s heat stop me. Thought I’d try Monastery bread from River Cottage Bread Handbook. Still a little obsessed with oat breads and this recipe called for 3 handfuls so it suited perfectly. Other than that, I used a mix of malted grain flour and wholemeal bread flour (recipe said ‘brown’), a bit of honey and melted butter, little bit of yeast and some sourdough starter. Fabulous crumb and that great oaty texture that I just love. Just had some, still warm with butter and new jams – strawberry and gooseberry, which I’ve only tasted as I made them a couple of weeks ago but haven’t tried properly. Am pretty impressed, especially as I worried that I may have burned the gooseberry one a little. It is totally fine. Strawberry jam is quite intense and the gooseberry one has just the right amount of tartness. I used River Cottage Preserves handbook for both recipes.



Photos are not very good, we get too much sun in the flat in the afternoons so it’s all a bit hazy and washed out.  Going to disappear now to the cinema to watch the last of Edgar Wright’s ‘cornetto trilogy’, can’t wait, flat might even cool down by the time we get back if we’re lucky.

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