Just read Catch 22, Joseph Heller



Oh what an utterly brilliant book. How very stupid of me not to have read it before. I picked up Catch 22 a couple of weeks ago and have been reading and enjoying it daily on way to and from work, then left it at home while walking in North Yorkshire last weekend, taking Gone Girl instead and disliking it very much. I only went back to Catch 22 when I finished Gone Girl the other day but, in retrospect, maybe it was a good thing because it made me appreciate Joseph Heller’s book all that much more. A bit baffled at how good people on goodreads gave both books the same score, think some people need to be reading better books…  Can’t quite decide what I loved about Catch 22 the most: the rhythm, I loved the rhythm and the repetition first. Kept thinking of Hot Chip’s Over and over as I was reading it. I loved the absurdity of it all, the seeming nonsense. I loved the humour Major Major Major Major. I loved the humanity most of all. Or maybe I love this elated feeling I still have from the ending most of all (have only just read it and can’t contain all this love for the genius of it). Oh, and I really liked Howard Jacobson’s afterword in this edition.


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