On a roll



Love, love, love Daunt Books! This photo was a complete accident, I went to Daunt bookshop in Marylebone yesterday for genuine work research purposes (not to buy books for self) and a colleague asked me to check out books that might make a good birthday present for a two year old. I was happily snapping some titles to show her and my phone decided to take this rather lovely photo of the children’s section by itself.

My work research completed (was not very interesting but was productive), I also picked out a couple of fab books for another nearly-two-year-old and took stock of books I’ve read recently. It’s now been 4 weeks since I finished my latest course and in that time I’ve managed to read 6 books! This time last year, I’d just had an exam and looked forward to a summer packed with reading books but I only managed a few, I guess the books I read were mainly non fiction which generally takes me longer to read. So, as a little pat on the back for making such a good and sustained effort to reduce books’ ‘pile of shame’, I rewarded self with The Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane, which is now finally out in paperback, yay! Really looking forward to reading this, have booked a little walking trip to Yorkshire moors next month and think it could be a very good companion. I also got a rather cute book for Beloved – Our Songbirds, which was a nice little surprise present. This is why I love Daunt, every time I walk in, I feel inspired, they display books I want to read and books I didn’t know I really want to read and I could easily spend serious amounts of time and money every time I go in. Think I was very good at self control yesterday, walking out with just the ‘necessaries’.


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