Orange macaroon cake

I was a bit preoccupied yesterday. I had plans to make a bit of an elaborate cake (one that would require going out to buy ingredients) but I also wanted to finish reading a book (of which more later). By around 3pm I gave up on the elaborate cake (book nowhere near the end), had a quick look at Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet  and found Orange macaroon cake. Simplicity itself and, more importantly, I had everything needed. IMG_0605

It’s a basic sponge with the addition of orange zest, desiccated coconut and Cointreau then iced with a mix of orange zest, juice and icing sugar. I actually didn’t have enough orange zest for the icing so just used a dollop of marmalade instead and reduced the quantity of icing sugar. It has a deep, intense orange flavour from the combination of zest and Cointreau and it is very light, a perfect afternoon treat.IMG_0603

Dan’s recipe uses three smaller tins, ending up with three layers, I made it in my trusty old 20cm tin and cut it into two layers. Am pretty impressed with quick it was to make and how delicious it is. Might make this again.


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