Cinnamon buns

In my world, a good bun is a thing of beauty. Sticky and crisp outside, soft and pillowy inside, stuffed with something lovely… oh joy! I do love a good bun, from savoury Chinese dim sum buns, British Chelsea and hot cross buns, the Buchteln my grandmother used to make (this is where my love of buns comes from) and finally, Scandinavian cinnamon and cardamom buns, which really are the best buns. I made Cinnamon buns for the first time yesterday afternoon, as they came out of the oven I proudly showed them to Beloved who thought I should wear them as a hat:



The photo does not do them justice, they are so good, I wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon eating them all but we were meeting friends for dinner so had to practice self restraint. The recipe came from Dan Lepard, I found it in Guardian archives. I even bought the wide springform tin specifically for buns a while back – don’t quite understand why it took me so long to get around to making them. These also achieve a double whammy on the sublime scale by having both cardamom (in the dough) and cinnamon. I also used rich and creamy Jersey milk in the dough. Have already had two (little ones) for breakfast… they’ll be gone by the afternoon at this rate.

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