Chocolate fudge cake

When in need of a really good cake, one that cannot fail to impress with its fabulousness, Ottolenghi book, the first, is unbeatable. It also takes forever + a million ingredients to make any of the cakes but I thought I deserved a serious treat after slaving on this stupid essay for weeks now. I remembered there was a chocolate cake in there somewhere, then I saw the recipe and, to my surprise and delight, it had a very brief list of ingredients. The brief list also gratifyingly hinted at the potential intensity of the finished cake: 350g chocolate, to be precise. That would do splendidly. I pushed the boat out and used Valrhona. Here’s the Chocolate fudge cake sliced:



It only has chocolate, sugar, butter, eggs and tiny bits of water and salt. You don’t even need a mixer, only a whisk for the egg whites. The only thing is that it is twice baked, or rather you bake two thirds of it for 40 minutes, then leave to cool before adding the final third on top and baking for a further 25 minutes. That took time but the taste is pretty exceptional.



The whole cake, finished and dusted with ‘special occasion’ cocoa (a gift from France). About to have another slice and then slowly contemplate whether I still need to tinker with essay and come up with a better final sentence or just post the thing and be done with it for the summer.


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