Coconut buns and more spring blooms



More of a muffin than a bun? Perhaps, they are light and lovely and coco-nutty, the name is of no concern. I was looking for something quick and easy to bake, remembered I had some desiccated coconut, looked up ‘coconut’ in recipe indexes at the back of Leith’s and Dan Lepard and the Coconut buns from Leith’s Baking Bible won = easy, quick, no mixer needed and only a few ingredients. Perfect. I did have to go out to get more milk and butter (also planning a tart for dinner) and could not resist taking photos of yet more spring blooms in the neighbourhood. They are only here for such a short time, one must make the most of them!

IMG_0561 IMG_0563


The sun in the first photo was deliberate, quite like the contrast. So, I’ve really spent most of the day in study, revising for end of course essay and baking something every few hours has provided sustenance and energy to keep me going. May just have another bun then get on with the tart for dinner.

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