Malted seeded loaf

The problem with amassing baking books as I have done over the past year is that you sometimes neglect some of them. Having learnt the sourdough bread method from River Cottage Bread handbook last year, I could now easily do it in my sleep and I rarely open the book for anything else. As I woke up this morning thinking what bread to make, leafing through Leith’s with first cup of coffee and not particularly fancying anything other than a rosemary, walnut and raisin loaf I couldn’t actually make without going to a shop, I remembered the River Cottage book and spotted this Malted seeded loaf. It did not require waiting for shops to open – quite the opposite, would use up some of my stock of seeds and granary flour! Now that I have breakfasted on it, I feel rather stupid for not making it before! Such a fabulous, wholesome loaf of bread with a most excellent crust and texture. Cutting into it gave a very satisfying crunch.



I stuffed it with pumpkin, golden linseed, sunflower, sesame and poppy seeds, added a ladleful of sourdough starter as well as yeast and then gave it a longer rise. Sourdough is optional but mine was out of the fridge and needed a feed anyway so thought may as well add it. Photo was an afterthought – otherwise I would have put it on a bigger board. All in all, this really is absolutely delicious and just about doable for late breakfast, especially if the weather is a decent temperature. It could easily become my new basic favourite loaf.

As I also remembered to flour the peel properly, it didn’t even tip over like last week’s. Major achievement!


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